The Global K-Culture Center will prepare you for a promising career in K-Culture related industries.



GKC programs provide experience / beginner / intermediate / advanced / certificate programs in the fields of K-Pop, K-Food, K-Beauty and K-Design.


All of GKC’s programs are modularized to allow students to organize their own individual programs by selecting relevant courses.


GKC has state-of-the-art equipments and facilities, including a recording room with the Avid ProTools system, an iMac lab, culinary / beauty / design labs and a dormitory.


Through in-depth knowledge and real-world experience, instructors offer world-class training to foster tomorrow’s K-Culture leaders.


GKC grants certificates to all students who have completed the GKC Phased Program. A GKC certificate allows you to receive academic credits when you enter Kimpo University.


GKC supports not only education but also diversified domestic and foreign fields through global networks. We support visa issuances for foreign students.


GKC Organization


GKC Support

GKC Certificates
Issuance of course certificate after the completion of the GKC program

Administrative support for issuing visas for international students

Employment support
Utilizing the GKC global network to provide employment information related to domestic and overseas companies