K-Culture Education Program


Professional and experiential courses to introduce various K-Culture disciplines, to train K-Culture education specialist, and to provide Korean language courses.


| Lecture | Understanding Korean Culture / Understanding Korean Drama / Understanding Korean Films / Understanding Korean Entertainment Programs / Basic Korean Experience / Step-by-Step Korean Language Education / K-Culture Education Specialist


K-Pop Music / K-Pop Dance Experiential courses for the general public and specialized courses for K-Pop education professionals.


| Lecture | I Am K-Pop Star / I Am EXO Dancer (Experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Understanding Korean Traditional Music / Korean Traditional Dance Experience / K-Music Educational Expert / K-Dance Educational Specialist


K-Beauty’s various fields of hair, makeup and skin care are taught based on field practice. Expert courses for the general public, specialized courses for K-Beauty education professionals, specialized courses for obtaining qualifications.


| Lecture | “My Love From Another Star” (Experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) / Traditional Korean makeup / K-Beauty education expert / Hair, makeup, skin, nail-art related certification course


K-Bakery/ K-Traditional Food Teaching Korean traditional cooking, Korean confectionery & baking with field practice. Experiential courses for the general public and courses for K-Food professionals, specialized courses for obtaining certificates


| Lecture | K-Food Specialist (Experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) / Takgu Kim Baking (Experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) / Korean traditional food / Korean cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine certificates


Teaching interior and set designs used in K-drama, films, entertainment programs, and K-Styling professional and experiential courses which emphasize Korean lifestyle, beauty, healthy diet.


| Lecture | K-drama props experience / K-drama interior experience / K-Lifestyle / K-Style Creator certification course